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So easy yet so effective.

Start Me Easy is all the goodness of our revolutionary product, SingSuite - all accessible on cloud. Here are its key features.


Make your website look extra stylish with our sophisticated Content Management System.

Manage your website’s content with a user friendly interface that makes it easy to add/delete/move items such as folders, images, videos, web pages etc., along with a quality control work flow element, in other words, Publishing Process. Revert back to previously published content if you want with our versioning feature.


A product which stands out for its top notch sales & inventory capabilities. Multichannel and multiregional businesses can use this reliable tool to manage their sales and supply chains.

Keep track of your products as you sell, manage all your orders in one place by creating unlimited products, product packages, subscription services, unlimited images with full support for multilingual UI, multicurrency, multioperations etc.


A user friendly and a PCI compliant solution which fulfills all your business requirements along with creating more loyal customers from selling globally.

Collect online payment with our professional shopping cart and credit card processing system with various payment gateways such as PayPal, eNets, iPay88, AliPay, BaoFoo gateways Bfopay & AmoPay etc.


There is no B2B or C2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human!

Give your customers more than what they expect with our CRM software. From a staff member to customers, keep track of conversations with full support across channels and increase your team’s productivity by helping customers help themselves.


Go beyond everyday payroll functions with our intuitive, user-friendly pay roll solution.

Automate daily tasks related to employees, leverage key HR data to identify trends, avoid manual distribution and manly recording of your employee’s salary, daily wages and simplify benefits of enrolment with accurate tax filings and CPF computation. Easily prepare annual forms required for IRAS like form IR8A/IR8S, Appendix 8A/8B.


Everything starts with the Customer!

Sing HelpDesk provides you an online help desk that can be used “out-of-the-box” or easily customized to fit your unique organizational processes.

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